Patch Tuesday April 2017

Patch Tuesday April 2017: lots of security showers for your business this month. Please take time this Easter to update all your devices.

Apple Bytes

Apple released a very important update for the iPhone in the last few weeks. This update prevents your phone from being hijacked by drive-by infected routers. Be sure to patch your iPhone as soon as possible.

Apple also released updates for iTunes, Garageband (yes, you can get hacked via Garageband, not a happy tune), mac OS X and all the Ithingys.

There is also a critical security update for Office for Mac. Hackers are exploiting a vulnerability in Word.

Windows 10 Creator Update

Microsoft released a massive update for Windows 10. Most of the changes are not visual so you won’t see the difference. Most of the changes are functional: improvements to Windows Defender, Edge browser and Windows Updates. With Windows Updates, you will finally be able to defer updates so they don’t bork your computer during business hours.

Windows 10 Creators Update pauseOther Microsoft Mayhem

Critical security patch for all versions of Office: yes, it’s 2017 and you can still get hacked via Word.

Microsoft also released patches for Edge, Internet Explorer, WordPad, .NET framework and the list goes on.

Expect these updates to slow down your network while they download and then busy your computer while they install.

Android Agony

Google released a critical update to prevents your phone from being hacked via drive-by wifi.

Five other patches released.

Please update your phone as soon as possible. Android is the next frontier in hacking.

Adobe Hot Flash

There’s a shocker: Adobe released updates yesterday for Flash, Reader and Creative Suite desktop application. Also Photoshop gets patched.

Patch your devices and enjoy your Easter in peace.