Is Apple 10 years behind Microsoft for security?

Kaspersky founder & CEO, Eugene Kaspersky, was recently asked in an interview about Apple security. His response is that Apple is 10 years behind Microsoft in security.

Over the top? Accurate after the Apple Flashback debacle? Kaspersky trying to get people to buy his mac antivirus?


Apple malware
Malware bites Apple

I think it’s over the top. Apple has been slower than other vendors like Microsoft and Google in releasing patches for known vulnerabilities. But they have added malware removal to the OS and improved the security for the upcoming Mountain Lion. Their main problem is their secretive attitude and refusal to come out quickly and admit when there is a problem. It is reminiscent of Microsoft’s attitude over 10 years ago before the trustworthy computing initiative.

If Apple is going to protect their users properly they are going to have to educate themselves and their end users that security is going to be more an issue now.

Interview with Kaspersky is here: