2012 may be over but I’m still going to follow three stories from last year all this year. First big story is the response of Apple to the Mac Flashback Trojan last summer. Apple was taking way too long to update Java for their users and then denied for several days there was a problem.… (0 comment)

We’ve all seen the lovely Windows 8 commercial with Lenka singing and prancing to her song Everything At Once. I love the song and I love the irony of using it to promote Windows 8. The problem with Windows 8 is just that, it is trying to be everything at once, both a desktop operating… (0 comment)

I was forced kicking and screaming to finally update my Quickbooks when moved to Windows 8. I had been using Quickbooks Pro 2009 which I had coaxed into working on Windows 7 with a registry hack but it was time to give in as I couldn’t get the invoice PDF conversion to work. Installation took… (0 comment)

What’s a new version of Windows without a new version of Office? Windows 8 is coming out this fall and Microsoft is following it with a new incarnation of Office specifically designed for tablets and Windows 8. What does it mean for business? As usual, Microsoft will change their licensing for Office again and again… (0 comment)

Going MetroTechnical – Windows 8
Going Metrotechnical – Windows 8 Consumer Preview I’ve been testing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview from Microsoft for the past 6 weeks as well as following other techies working with the preview of the new operating system. Microsoft will be releasing it sometime this summer and already we’re seeing new laptops from Lenovo and Sony… (0 comment)