Quickbooks 2015 Desktop version review: should you upgrade? If you’re using Quickbooks 2014, 2013 or 2012, probably not. If you’re still using Excel for your business books, yes, you need to upgrade. Insights First change in QuickBooks 2015 worthy of note. See the picture above. Now on the home page, there is a tab labelled… (0 comment)

Intuit released Quickbooks 2014 desktop version at the end of September and I just found the time to test it. And it does take time to get the new version installed. Like its predecessor Quickbooks 2013, the software installation takes at least 20 minutes depending your computer speed. But the killer is the time it… (1 comment)

I was forced kicking and screaming to finally update my Quickbooks when moved to Windows 8. I had been using Quickbooks Pro 2009 which I had coaxed into working on Windows 7 with a registry hack but it was time to give in as I couldn’t get the invoice PDF conversion to work. Installation took… (0 comment)