Click Here To Kill Everybody Book Review
Click Here To Kill Everybody Book Review: even the author Bruce Schneier admits the title is clickbait. Is all our technology so interconnected that someone could click here to kill everybody? Schneier opens his book with three scenarios of how technology could kill. Hackers could remotely disable car brakes, take over steering and even turn… (0 comment)

January 28th is Data Privacy Day and I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how Data Privacy applies to businesses. It started with a quote from the Sony chief executive Michael Lynton about how there was “no playbook” on how to respond to the recent massive hacking of Sony information from every department of the… (0 comment)

Data Privacy Day Tips for Consumers
January 28th is Data Privacy Day in Canada and U.S.: here are some data privacy day tips for consumers. Share with Care Post in haste, repent at your leisure. Think about how what you post could be perceived by others, now and in the future. Also are you giving away information that could be used… (0 comment)