DuckDuckGo privacy browser beta for Windows

DuckDuckGo privacy browser beta for Windows: find out who’s tracking you and how to avoid tracking.

DuckDuckGo privacy browser beta

Clients frequently complain about tracking on the internet. They find it creepy and annoying to get those ads that seem to have read their minds. Depending on your business, you can be researching a topic or product for a client and then find ads for that topic or product following you around forever. I find researching technical problems that browsers are delivering results based on previous searches for unrelated technical details. Not just annoying, browser trackers cost time and money.

DuckDuckGo arose from the annoyance of internet users. Besides a search engine (you don’t have to use Google to search the internet), DuckDuckGo has been creating internet browsers for Mac, iOS and now Windows.

DuckDuckGo released their beta version of a privacy browser for Windows June 22nd. This is a beta product and I have tested it every day since release. So far it has only completely frozen and shut down once. Only one web site refuses to open in the browser.

Installing DuckDuckGo browser

Go to Download DuckDuckGo for Windows (beta) and open the installer. Recommend you close other browsers while installing.DuckDuckGo privacy browser beta for Windows

Agree to installation of product. Next you get a welcome and get started window followed by setup questions. DuckDuckGo offers to import browser settings. Currently DuckDuckGo can only import from settings from Microsoft Edge not Chrome.

Next, as part of the privacy protection, DuckDuckGo helps you set up an email address. Let’s say you visit a web site that demands an email address to access content. You can use the an email from DuckDuckGo (example to avoid tracking to your real email address.

You have to be careful during this setup because you cannot change the email address that the email forwards to afterwards.


Once you have finished the email settings you are ready to use the browser.

DuckDuckGo privacy browser features

The best feature of the browser: you can easily wipe all the history two clicks. On the upper right hand side of the browser there is a fire icon. This burns all the data.

Click the burn icon and then okay.

Tracking attempts

You want to know how you’re being followed around by trackers? This browser not only blocks but shows you which web site is tracking you and how.web site tracking

You think you’re just reading the news. No, you’re feeding 22 trackers. Perfect example of the maxim: if something is free on the internet then you are the product.

Impact for business

First, privacy browsers make work research better and more time efficient. Second, as more and more consumers get fed up with being tracked and start using such browsers and private emails, marketing to your client base using trackers and ads will become more difficult. Third, if you rely on ads from your YouTube channel to make money, this browser blocks those ads meaning your lose money.