Patch Tuesday Microsoft 365 edition
Patch Tuesday Microsoft 365 edition: all the latest Office software update news you need for your small business. Patch Tuesday Normally I cover a range of vendors for the monthly Patch Tuesday news. This month I want to focus on several important Microsoft aka Office 365 updates that are already impacting businesses. End Of Life… (0 comment)

Office 2019 versus Office 365
Office 2019: Microsoft has released what they’re calling their last standalone version of Office. And then they released a video dissing it compared to their Office 365 offering. There just couldn’t be a new Office launch without Microsoft doing something screwy. As far back as Office 97, Microsoft has been confusing their customers with different… (0 comment)

Office 365: which version?
Office 365: which version? I get asked this question a lot now from folks. Since Microsoft stopped selling the disc version of its popular Office software several years ago, it has forced people to buy their online download Office 365. Which version? I’ve created this video that shows you the different options and they mean.… (0 comment)

Office 2016 Preview – Retreat from the Ribbon
Microsoft released Office 2016 Preview last week and the retreat from the reviled ribbon has begun. Why the retreat from the Office Ribbon? Because it sucks on tablets and small screens. And this version of Office is geared to the smaller screen. By default, the ribbon is hidden in the Outlook. See screenshot. What else… (0 comment)