Don’t blame your employees when you’re phished in
Don’t blame your employees when you’re phished in: the shame of MacEwan University. MacEwan University Phished In At the end of August, MacEwan University announced it had been phished in to the tune of $11.8 million. Scammers tricked the University into changing the payments for a construction vendor into bank accounts in Montreal and Hong… (0 comment)

Driver hell
Driver hell: no I’m not talking about the commute, I’m talking about computer drivers. What happens when you search for computer drivers. What are computer drivers? Drivers are software that tell your computer how to work with a device attached or installed on your computer. Classic example is a printer driver or a graphics card… (0 comment)

The Oscar for worst depiction of technology goes to Her. Released late last year, this movie’s premise is that an introverted guy (Joaquin Phoenix) falls in love, seriously in love, with his new operating system. Maybe I’m still feeling used and dirty after Windows 8 came out, but seriously, in love with his operating system?… (0 comment)

Celebrity-Jacking is an abbreviation of Celebrity Hijacking and it is an old favourite with hackers and other web miscreants. Celebrity Hijacking exploits popular interest in a celebrity to get people to click on silly things with their computer mouse. February this year was the tenth anniversary of an early example of this: the Kournikova virus.… (0 comment)

The Internet Bad Guys have a new attack vector: the phone. Recently a client called me saying someone from Microsoft had just called her to tell her that her computer is infected. “It’s a scam,” I tell her. So far this scam has only been targeting English speaking countries. Callers pretend to be Microsoft employees… (0 comment)