Simplifying your business email

Simplifying your business email: how do you make your business email easier, safer and synchronized?

Small businesses these days need a different email solution from days gone by. More and more businesses have employees on the go, owners on the go and multiple devices supporting it all.

How do you manage and secure all this data?

I’m setting up Exchange Online for clients.

Exchange Online

Exchange Online is a Microsoft product. The cheapest plan, the one I put most clients on, is $4.90 a month per mailbox.

What do you get for that?

  1. Automatically backed up
  2. Lots of mailbox space, 50GB per mailbox
  3. Synchronized mail, calendar and contacts across all devices
  4. Shared folders, calendar, and contacts across employees
  5. Great spam filter
  6. Easy setup on all devices

And one more feature that Microsoft just added in the fall, an automatic inbox declutter feature.

Recently I had a client who was getting tons of spam, over 100 nasty spam emails a day. He also travels frequently and uses multiple devices (different phone, computers, tablets) to access his email. His office administrator needed access to his calendar. And his remote workers needed access to a shared calendar.

His business falls under PIPEDA and PIPA privacy laws so his data had to be stored in Canada.

Exchange Online provided the solution for all his needs.

I know someone will say but Gmail and Google do all that for free. But Google data mines your data (they go through your email contents to server up ads to you and your clients) and it isn’t stored in Canada. Also it doesn’t always play nicely on all devices like Exchange Online does. And it doesn’t work as well in Microsoft Outlook which a lot of businesses use. Outlook and Exchange were designed for each other.

It is also much easier to manage Exchange Online than Gmail for a company.

If you have multiple locations, multiple devices and employees on the go, spam problems and no backup of email, we need to talk about Exchange Online.Exchange Online