Patch Tuesday October 2023

Patch Tuesday October 2023: some spooky security updates for your small business.

Microsoft Trick or Treat updates

Just after 20th anniversary of the first Patch Tuesday, Microsoft released a patch for Windows and then pulled it. If you have the Enterprise version of Windows, the patch was fixed and then released seamlessly into your updates. For everyone else the patch was installed then Microsoft released the updated patch for installation. Enterprise users got the treat, everyone else got the time wasting trick of the double update.

Microsoft released over 100 updates. Besides the trick or treat update the most notable is a patch for a WordPad vulnerability that hackers can use to scrape NTLM passwords. More details on Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday here.

Bobbing for Apple updates

Apple has a released a barrel of bobbing security updates this month most affecting iPhone security. More details on the Apple Security Releases page. 

What’s missing from the security releases page? More updates for iTunes for Windows. You need to update iTunes if you connect your phone to your Windows computer.

Firefox PDF sorcery

Mozilla added some spooky PDF editing tools to the Firefox browser. For those folks tired of the Edge/Adobe cash grab, Firefox now brandishes free PDF editing tools. More Firefox PDF details here.

Chrome Security Spooks

Google released a ton of Chrome security updates this month plus some new features. Details from the Chrome releases blog here.

Don’t let cobwebs grow on your Chrome security, update today.

Patch Tuesday October 2023

An ounce of patching saves a pound of spooky hacking. If you’re not sure what to patch or why read the Patch Primer for Small Business.