Patch Tuesday December 2022

Patch Tuesday December 2022: Santa brings security patches for your small business this month.

Patch Tuesday is the second Tuesday of the month when most manufacturers roll out their security patches. If you’re not sure why you should be patching please read Patch Primer for Small Business.

Android News

Google released security updates earlier this month which fixed vulnerabilities in the Android System, Framework and Media Components. If you’re running a Pixel that is still supported you can update right away. If you have an Android phone from another manufacturer (like Samsung) you’ll have to wait for the manufacturer to roll out the update.

More on the latest Android security bulletin here.

Adobe Resurfaces

Adobe missed last month for patches. This is unusual as normally Adobe patches Acrobat and Reader every month.

This month Adobe patched Illustrator, Experience Manager and Campaign Classic. No patches for Acrobat or Reader.

Microsoft Mistletoe

Microsoft released almost 50 patches this Patch Tuesday December 2022. Among these patches Microsoft fixed 6 critical vulnerabilities affecting Office, SharePoint, Edge, Azure and SysInternals. Critical usually means hackers can exploit these security holes with little or no interaction from the end user.

One of the flaws means end users can download documents from untrusted web sites without getting a warning from Microsoft or Protected View in Office.

More details on the Microsoft updates here.

Zoom Desktop Software

Zoom is enforcing their desktop software updates before you can join a meeting policy. Took only a couple of minutes for me to install the latest update before a meeting this week.

Apple Sauce

Apple gifted their customers with early Xmas patches for all their products. Apple released iOS 16.2 and updates for iPhones that can only run iOS 15. There are security updates also for mac OS 13.1 and iPod 16.2 as well.

Most interesting feature that Apple released is end to end encryption for iCloud data. More details on the Apple updates info here.

iPhone Apps

Have you updated your phone apps recently? The easiest way to update and secure your iPhone apps is to open the App Store. At the top right hand corner there is an account icon. Click on that. See picture below.

Next scroll down to Upcoming Automatic Updates. Click Update All.

Patch Tuesday December 2022

Don’t let hacker Grinches steal your Christmas holidays. Patch now.