Patch Tuesday April 2016

Patch TuesdayPatch Tuesday April 2016: April showers bring security yowlers.

Microsoft sprouts

Microsoft produced a lucky thirteen patches today. One of the patches only affects folks using the Hyper-V technology.

Lots of patch action for everyone else. One of the patches affects all versions of Office including Office for Mac. Several updates for the browsers, both Edge and Internet Explorer and all current versions of Windows (current means Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10).

Hopefully none of these patches will bork Windows 10. Increasingly I am seeing clients with Windows 10 machines that are practically unusable after a Windows update.

Microsoft also released a security advisory for Windows folks using Microsoft wireless mouses. This includes the popular Sculpt and ergnomic models from Microsoft. Expect driver updates with your Windows updates.

More technical details on the Microsoft updates here.

Hot Flash Flowers

Adobe released yet another critical, urgent update for Flash last week. Get your update directly from Adobe and be sure to uncheck the crapware they’ve bundled with it. Applies to both Mac and Windows.

There’s also a security update for the Creative Cloud desktop application for both Mac and Windows. Adobe mentions you can update the program within the application but is light on details.

And one more update from Adobe, no not the hacker favourite Adobe Reader, this one is for the Windows version of RoboHelp server.

Apple Blossoms

Apple blossomed with updates March 21st as part of the new product rollout.

Critical updates for all iThingys, Apple TV, Apple Watch and Macs.

The update that caused problems for earlier iThingys has been fixed so it should be safe to update now.

More exhaustive details here.

Patch Tuesday April 2016

WordPress World of Updates

WordPress has leaped ahead to version 4.5.

Accordingly there are a ton updates for both themes and plugins.

Be sure to log in to your dashboard, backup your web site and update away.