Just say NO to Windows 11

Just say NO to Windows 11. You might have received a message from Microsoft that your laptop can install Windows 11. Or you ran the PC Healthcheck.

First reason to say No

It’s still really buggy. The most recent version of Windows 11 breaks Intel sound cards. One version was shipped with expired certificates which broke built-in applications. The most recent Insiders version fixes over 70 bugs in the operating systems, regular Windows 11 users have to wait for that release.

Microsoft is also shoving their internet browser down user’s throats again. All links are defaulting to Windows Edge no matter what browser you have made your default.

Second reason to say No

Microsoft released Windows 11 October 5th. Companies are releasing computers, computer component and accessories advertising they are Windows 11 ready. But Microsoft will not let desktop devices install Windows 11. Older laptops are getting the update before brand new desktops. Which raises all kinds of questions.

Has Microsoft properly tested Windows 11 on all hardware? Are manufacturers claiming their devices are Windows 11 ready when they haven’t been tested? Previously when a new version of Windows released it was available to everyone who had computer that met the technical requirements. Why is this time different?

Third reason to say No

Windows 11 feels like an excuse to sell new laptops to people. New laptops create more more e-waste.

The fact that Windows 11 won’t run on 99% of the desktops (regardless of age) has guaranteed those will become e-waste as well.

We can’t order another planet from Amazon. It is time Microsoft, Apple and Google and the other hardware manufacturers look at the waste they are creating with their products. They’re addicted to new hardware and insane profits. These companies need to start designing their new software and operating systems so that they run on older hardware.