iOS 16: some great features for small business owners

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iOS 16: some great features for small business owners.

Apple releases iOS 16

Apple released the latest iOS version September 12th. Lots of new features. I want to focus on some of the ones business owners will find useful.

Edit and delete text messages

Yes, finally, you can edit and even delete sent text messages for up to 15 minutes after sending it. Tap the message and you get a menu with various options.edit text messages

Work Focus

Apple has added a some interesting Work Focus options. You can create a custom Work Focus screen including which apps can notify you at work. No more Facebook interruptions, Outlook and business apps only. You can also choose who can contact you while your Work Focus is on. You can find this under Settings, Focus, Work Focus.

work focus

Lock Screen Changes

After the upgrade to iOS 16, the lock screen typefaces get much bigger (perhaps Apple has figured out that folks don’t always have their glasses on when they reach for their phone). You have more options as to which apps notify you. The improvement I really enjoy is having the timer on the lock screen. I use the Pomodoro technique to power through tasks and being able to see the timer without having to unlock the phone is most welcome.lock screen timer

Apple kindly has suggestions from your own photos for potential lock screens plus updated standard ones that will adapt to your locale. iOS16 wallpaper

Lockdown Mode

You can find Lockdown Mode in Settings, Privacy and Security way down at the bottom. This mode is meant to protect those people who are actively targeted by hackers and other bad folks (like celebrities and politicians).  Apple describes it as extreme protection.

Lockdown Mode automatically blocks most message attachments. This mode also blocks the technology in some web sites (though you can specify safe sites you want to operate normally. Facetime calls are blocked unless you have previously called the person.  There’s a long list of details on Lockdown Mode from Apple here.

It will be interesting to see how long it will take dedicated hackers to break through Lockdown Mode.

If you’re someone who has been targeted by a lot of bad attachments and text messages I recommend you try out this feature.iOS 16 lockdown mode

An undocumented feature

There’s always something with a new iOS. This time it’s a bonus. OneDrive file transfers are better with iOS 16.

More details on all the new iOS 16 features here.