Add pronouns to Zoom and Teams

Want to add pronouns to Zoom and Teams? Both Zoom and Microsoft have added pronouns options with mixed results.

Add pronouns to Zoom and Teams

Add pronouns to Zoom

So far Zoom created the best options for adding pronouns to your account. First you need to log into your profile on the web (not the desktop app) to add pronouns.

Click on your profile in the upper right hand corner. Click on Profile and then Edit on the right hand side.

Next, under the Name Pronunciation option, you find Pronouns. You can enter your preferred pronouns. Then you can also select when those pronouns should appear. The options are: Always Share, Ask me every time, Do Not Share. Then save.

Zoom makes it easy to add your pronouns to Zoom and chose when to show pronouns in meetings. More info on adding pronouns to Zoom.

Add pronouns to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft makes adding pronouns complicated. First your Microsoft 365 admin (someone like me) needs to enable the option in the admin console. Microsoft says that change can take up to seven hours to show up.

After that each user must can add pronouns on their profile. You can add pronouns from the desktop app (unlike Zoom). Open Microsoft Teams, click on your name on the left hand side and then click on your name to the right of that. You should get a + Pronouns option.

Once you click the Pronouns options you can fill in your preferred pronouns.

Unlike Zoom, these pronouns always show up in Teams meetings within your organization. Microsoft does not allow showing pronouns outside your organization. Example: in a meeting with fellow employees your pronouns will display. In a Teams meeting with people outside your organization (like a client, contractor) your pronouns will not display. More info for employees on adding pronouns to Teams.

Definitely Zoom figured out how to do pronouns better than Microsoft. Really Microsoft should make this something that employees can add on their own (without a Microsoft 365 administrator needing to enable it) and provide options so employees can choose when to show pronouns.