ReMarkable tablet review

ReMarkable tablet review: the tablet for folks who love notebooks but want to integrate that with their tech.

ReMarkable tablet review

At the end of November I got the ReMarkable 2 tablet. There was just too much paper on my desk, notebooks, daily planner, more notebooks. It was time to clear up the paper, and I wanted to make sure my handwritten notes are accessible away from the notebooks. I remember better when I write out my notes and it’s less distracting for myself and the client when I use a notebook. Hence the ReMarkable 2 tablet.

ReMarkable 2 standard features

It feels like paper, it reads like paper. You can get two different styluses: one standard, one with very handy eraser end. Stylus is magnetic so it clings to tablet. See picture of tablet with keyboard way below in keyboard section.

Besides creating different types of documents you can link/edit to Word documents and even PowerPoint.

For example, you can use your standard client intake/meeting form on the ReMarkable. See my test example below.

It also comes with lined templates you can better your handwriting (on my to-do list on my tablet).

There’s also a convert handwriting to text feature.

Battery last about two weeks. Yes, there’s the occasional software update, takes about 3 minutes to install and reboot.

You can read PDFs on the device. I read a lot of security and tech PDFs weekly so I love this feature. The only problem I found was with one very large PDF (over 200 pages) with colour charts. The tablet can’t render the colour charts and has problems with such a large file.

And it is designed with left handers in mind.

Folder organization

Yes, you can organize your various documents easily. Picture below shows folder organization.

Subscription or No?

Brand new ReMarkable 2 tablet comes with a 1 year subscription to Connect. The Connect software allows you store documents in the cloud. After that it costs $29.90. More details on Connect software here.

However there are other built-in share features that are included such as integrations with other cloud services (Microsoft 365, Google, Dropbox) and sent to email and screen share.

Keyboard Add-On

You can add a keyboard. Wonderful tool I used to make blog notes while on the Skytrain where it’s a bit tight to open up a laptop. And again keyboard typing without the distractions of a laptop like updates, social media, emails.

The ReMarkable tablet keyboard is as light as the tablet.

Who is this product for?

Anyone wanting to get rid of paper notebooks and forms. Anyone who needs to work without the distractions of normal computing.

ReMarkable 2 tablet starts at $499.

Note: all pictures except my form example come from the ReMarkable press gallery. They have a great web site with lots of easy to understand tech specs. No, I didn’t get paid to write this. No, this is not AI generated.