Patch Tuesday September 2016

Patch Tuesday September 2016: most of your technology needs patching and updating today!

Patch Tuesday Harvest

Adobe, Android, Apple and Microsoft all released critical patches and updates today. Hard to choose which is more critical. I recommend you update Windows, Android devices and then Adobe products based on the number of vulnerabilities patched.  But don’t forget your Apple harvest.

Microsoft Updates

Windows, everything from Windows Vista to the most recent Windows 10 and server products, requires 14 patches most of them critical. You will have to restart your computer after update.

Breakdown details here.

Android Agony

Google released 47 patches for 57 Android flaws. Most of the patches fix malware and privacy problems.

Complete technical breakdown on the Android patches here.

Hot Flash

Adobe released a security patch for our monthly favourite hot Flash.

Also there’s an update for Adobe Digital Editions (Adobe’s ebook reader).

As Flash is a favourite with hackers, you need to update it quickly.

Apple Harvest

Apple released a patch earlier this month for OS X and Safari that blocks the Pegasus spyware. This in addition to patches released last month for iOS products to block the same spyware. Details here.

September 13th Apple released iOS 10. Initially some iPhones were bricked by this update but the problem has been fixed.

Details on the iOS 10 features here.

Also, if you’re running an iPhone 5  or iPhone 5c and you’re worried about how iOS 10 will run on older hardware, it’s been tested. See this review here.

I know September is a busy month for most business owners but do make time to patch.