Patch Tuesday July 2019

Patch Tuesday July 2019: all the smoking hot security patches your small business needs this month. This month’s extra sizzle is in security updates for mobile and networking devices.

Apple Bytes

Apple released a security update to their AirPort base stations firmware. Yes, networking devices need security updates too.

This update also affects Airport Time Capsules.

More details here.

Adobe Agony

Not hot Flash updates this month nor fixes for Acrobat. However Adobe did release security patches for Bridge, Experience Manager and Dreamweaver.

Microsoft Updates

Microsoft patched 79 vulnerabilities this month. The most important patches are to Office 365, Windows Server and SQL Server.

There’s also a patch for Outlook for Android. Yes, your mobile Office apps need updates too.

Details about this batch of patches here.


Last month the WordPress core was updated to version 5.2.2. Details about this maintenance release here.

As with any WordPress updates, plugins usually get updates too.

Now is a good time to go your WordPress Dashboard, back up your web site and install the updates.

Android Updates

There’s lots of Android security updates this month. You only get them right away if you have a Google phone.

If your Android is made by anyone other than Google, say Samsung for example, you have to wait for your manufacturer to release these important security patches.

This article has the details including how to determine your version of Android.

Patch Tuesday July 2019

Be cool about security: backup your machines and patch them all. An ounce of patching is cheaper than a pound of hacking.