Patch Tuesday December 2014

Patch Tuesday December

Santa brought patches as presents for everyone this Patch Tuesday December 2014. So be good little boys and girls and install them right away so you can have a safe and happy Techmas.

Why is it so important to install security patches right away? Hackers reverse engineer the patches to create new malware (malicious software). So get ahead of the hacking curve by installing the updates.

Another Hot Flash

Adobe release yet another security update for Flash, the third one in the last six weeks. Flash security flaws are the hackers weapon of choice these days. You need to update each browser separately. So, go here in each browser and update Flash. How to video is here. Yes, this applies to Mac users too.

Adobe Reader  and Adobe Acrobat were not forgotten under the patch Christmas tree. Critical updates available for both. In the program, go to Help on the menu and click check for updates to install the patch.

Microsoft Mistletoe

All of Microsoft’s products are getting a kiss of security goodness today. Microsoft released seven updates. One for Exchange Server. One for both Windows and Internet Explorer. Two just for Windows. But the big winner today is Office with three patches. And that includes Office 2011 for Mac.  More details on the patches here.

Schedule some time (about 20 minutes depending on how fast your computer is) to install the updates and reboot the computer.

Good King WordPress

WordPress is still at version 4.0.1. Check your dashboard to be sure you are running this version.

Tons of updates for plugins in the last few weeks. Highest importance the two updates to iThemes security plugin (you have a security plugin on web site right?).

In your web site, go to the dashboard and click Updates to get the latest updates for your web site.

And have a merry Techmas!