LastPass Time Bomb Breach
LastPass Time Bomb Breach: they definitely win the Grinch that stole Christmas in 2022. December 22nd LastPass finally admitted the full extent of their security breaches that started in August. This hackjob will affect a lot of businesses and consumers. LastPass deliberately announced this just before Christmas to minimize media coverage and access to lawyers.… (0 comment)

Social Media Hacks
Social media hacks: how do you avoid losing your valuable business social media accounts? Social Media Hacks Hackers are targeting small business owners’ social media accounts. Their goals are to spam and infect your customers and use your advertising dollars. The most common accounts hacked are Facebook and Instagram. Unfortunately Facebook and Instagram are not… (0 comment)

LinkedIn Breach
You should have received an email about the LinkedIn breach a few weeks ago. What does it mean? LinkedIn was hacked back in 2012 and user names and passwords were stolen. The hacker sat on this information for four years and then posted them online this May. LinkedIn forced a password reset for those users… (0 comment)

Why do you need a password manager?
Why do you need a password manager? I wish I had a dollar for every time I get calls about lost passwords. Sometimes it’s for lost wi-fi logins, sometimes for routers, servers, laptops, documents, web sites. I marvel at how many passwords I have now both for business and personal compared to even three years… (0 comment)

It seems like every day another web site wants you to create a user name and password, then it’s your bank or credit union, your credit card company, your phones, how do you create a strong password for all of those accounts? And yes, you need a different password for each account in case one… (0 comment)