Why is Windows 10 still not ready?

Why is Windows 10 still not ready?

This morning after the latest round of Windows updates, my desktop icons are now invisible. The labels are there which is somewhat helpful. Interestingly the icons show up if I look at the folder in Explorer.

Earlier this week another set of Windows updates disabled my laptop keyboard and even disabled input from an external keyboard. Only repeated rebooting and cold booting for 15 minutes got that problem fixed.

And despite months of opportunities for both Microsoft and Apple to work on the problem, iCloud won’t synchronize Calendar or Contacts on Windows 10. Windows 10 still not ready

It’s clear Microsoft hasn’t been testing properly before releasing patches (or even releasing the operating system).

I appreciate how difficult the job is, there are thousands and thousands of hardware devices and software and apps Microsoft has to support in Windows.

But in my many years of experience I haven’t seen such crappy patches that really break basic things (like desktop icons, keyboards) since Windows NT 4 days.

Microsoft used to have a large team that tested new operating systems and patches. They got rid of the team before Windows 8 was released (could you tell?) and decided to rely on volunteers for a lot of the testing. The problem is those volunteers tend to be techies not regular folks, not regular business users. You know those business users that are the core of Microsoft business.

If you are running very basic hardware and basic software (Office, accounting software, maybe iTunes), I think you are safe to use Windows 10 barring some adventures every time Microsoft releases a patch. The security is worth it and it is definitely quicker to get things done than in Windows 8. Any other mission critical software I strongly advise you check with the vendor if it works with Windows 10. Don’t assume it will.

Maybe once Microsoft is finished digesting all the personal data they’re slurping via Windows 10, they’ll start focusing on finishing Windows 10 for business.