Time to upgrade?
Time to upgrade?
Need to upgrade your business computers? Call 604-681-1422 for a consultation.

“I recently needed a completely new system installed on short notice and I would never trust such a vital part of my business to a retail location. Sarah’s expertise is worth every penny of her rate and she is so efficient that her fees were actually half the amount charged to me by a previous specialist. I also very much appreciate her patience in putting up with my endless questions and panicked emails. The personalized service and follow-up are invaluable to me. She is a true professional I was lucky to find her!”

Tanya Schoenroth
Interior Designer

At Make IT Work Computer Solutions we specialize in getting our clients the right computers for their businesss. We work with you, your budget and your schedule to get the best results. We install everything from laptops, desktops, servers, monitors, routers, switches and printers (even a TV on one occasion).

We take the time to consult with you on your current needs and future business plans to get the best equipment. We’ll go over the quote with you line by line to answer your questions.

Make an appointment to get a custom quote for your business computer upgrade

Old or legacy software? We’ll find the right upgrade path for you.

We make sure your network can handle all your devices and you get the best Internet speeds. If your wireless router is over three years old, you’re missing out on major improvements in speed and reliability.

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