Bernie Pawlik

I want to thank Make IT Work Computer Solutions for the great work that you do to keep my shop computer system running and reliable. Since you started working on the computers about 2 years ago they are far more reliable than they ever were.

When I moved into my larger shop over 4 years I hired someone highly recommended to install a networked system of 3 computers. Initially they seemed fine but then problems developed and he moved away. Thankfully you came along and in one visit quickly solved several problems that he was unable to resolve. You also pointed out that he had not secured my Wi-Fi system so anyone nearby could access my computers.

A few months later, I received a message on one of my computers that the operating system was unlicensed software. What I had assumed was that when my former computer tech set up the system it was all properly licensed software. Once again you came to the rescue and now all the software is legal and works great.

I appreciate your honest and professional way of doing business and I know that I will never receive surprises life those mentioned above. Your service is always punctual and when something is needed in a hurry, you always come promptly and get things fixed quickly.

Many thanks for your fabulous work. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is looking to have their computer system operating properly and at a reasonable cost.

Bernie Pawlik, Pawlik Automotive,

The key to Sarah’s success is she enjoys her work,is challenged by issues that boggle the mind of most folks, loves helping people solve problems and goes out of her way to make herself available at the convenience of others.

Laurel Hislop, Livingston International