Patch Tuesday March 2024

Patch Tuesday March 2024: security updates march on for your small business. This month is light on Microsoft and heavy on other vendor security updates. If you’re not sure what you should be patching or why, read Patch Primer for Small Business.

Authenticator Apps

Have you updated your authenticator app recently? Hopefully you have secured all your key business accounts with multi-factor authentication (MFA) and use an authenticator app. Have you updated that app? Authenticator apps need security updates too. Without the most recent updates your app might not work or could be hacked.

Microsoft released a security advisory this Patch Tuesday March 2024 for the Microsoft Authenticator app. Check your app store for updates. This security flaw only works when hackers have already infected your phone with malware or malicious application. Update your phone software.

Apple Bytes

Apple blossomed with security updates for iOS and Mac OS earlier this month. There are patches for iOS and iPad 17.4, iOS 16.4 and iPad 16.4 as well as all flavors of Mac OS from 12.7.4 to 14.4. More details on the Apple Security updates page.

UPDATE March 18th

Apparently the OS updates from last week are breaking USB hubs, printers, Java and a few other items. Recommend you wait a week so Apple can fix those updates. Details on USB hubs, printers, Java broken by OS 14.4 update here.

Animated Adobe Updates

No patches for Acrobat or Reader this month. Adobe released patches for Animate, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Bridge and a few others. The Adobe updates apply to BOTH Windows and Mac. Details on the Adobe Security Bulletin page.

Microsoft Security Flowers

Microsoft released no updates for zero day vulnerabilities this month for their products. Redmond did patch six likely to be exploited soon vulnerabilities. In total over 60 vulnerabilities for Microsoft products. Full details on the Microsoft Patch Tuesday March 2024 from the SANS Internet Storm Center.

An ounce of patching is cheaper than a pound of hacking. Be sure to update all your business devices this month.