Patch Tuesday June 2023

Patch Tuesday June 2023: sultry security patches for your business this month.

Patch Tuesday June 2023

What is Patch Tuesday? That marvelous day of the month, always the second Tuesday, when most of the tech vendors (like Microsoft and Adobe) release security patches. If you’re not sure why you should be patching or what to patch, read my Patch Primer for Small Business.

Microsoft Updates

I always get calls on Patch Tuesday from Windows folks having problems with printers. When Microsoft installs updates in the background it breaks things. Usually printers and network resources. What’s happening is that Microsoft has decided that your computer is vulnerable from network devices and printers while updates are installing. Installing the updates and rebooting usually fixes the problem.

Microsoft tackled 130 vulnerabilities affecting all flavors of Windows and Office products. Hackers are already exploiting 5 of these vulnerabilities. You can get more details from Microsoft.

Apple Rapid Response

One rotten apple rapid response spoils the appetite for patching. Apple released a Rapid Response on Monday but pulled it Tuesday as it was breaking more things than it fixed. The update addressed a webkit vulnerability. Apple’s first Response ended up breaking a lot of web sites. Apple has since released a new Rapid Response, fingers crossed.

Find out more about Apple Rapid Response.

Adobe Action

Another light load for the Creative Cloud gang. Adobe released updates for InDesign and ColdFusion. No Creative Cloud or Acrobat updates.

Firefox and Thunderbird

Mozilla released updates for both Firefox browser and Thunderbird email. You can find more details on their Mozilla Security page.

WordPress Woes

Have you checked your WordPress web site recently for updates? Last week Wordfence reported 66 vulnerabilities in over 50 plugins and one theme.

Patch Tuesday July 2023: an ounce of patching is cheaper than a pound of hacking.