Patch Tuesday January 2021

Patch Tuesday January 2021: an ounce of patching is cheaper than a pound of hacking.

Apple Bytes

Apple rushed out a security update for iOS 14 on the 26th. The update patches a security flaw being used by hackers to gain control of iDevices via Safari. Patch now. More details here.

No other major Apple updates since December.

Windows Updates Hell

Microsoft released patches on January 12th to fix over 80 security holes. 10 of these were rated critical. Critical usually means that hacker can exploit them without the computer user doing much about it.

Some of these holes were caused by previous patches.

The fall of 2020 Windows updates caused a slew of problems for some computers so I understand why folks would be reluctant to update. It’s still better to do the updates and risk those problems than to risk being hacked.

Microsoft released feature update to Windows 20H2 in the fall that’s supposed to fix some of problems cause by previous updates. I recommend you take the time to install this update.version 20H2

Adobe Agony

Adobe released updates to Creative Cloud, Acrobat, Reader, PhotoShop and Illustrator in early January.

You need to update the Creative Cloud software. I have found that Creative Cloud updates not being applied causes problems for not only Adobe products but also Office 365 and Windows.

Adobe Flash is no more. Separate blog about Flash in the bin and how hackers are already utilizing this.


Using Zoom to stay connected? That needs updates too. Zoom has a helpful web page on how to update for all your devices.