Patch Tuesday February 2024

Patch Tuesday February 2024: time to show business devices some security love. If you’re not sure why you should be patching, read Patch Primer for Small Business.

Zoom Zoom!

Got a zoom meeting soon? Be sure to update your app well before your scheduled meeting.

Zoom released version 5.17.7 this week. Buried in the list of changes there are important security enhancements. Zoom patched one critical flaw and several medium security concerns affecting Windows versions of Zoom. More details on Zoom stomps critical privilege escalation here.

High Wire Acrobat updates

Adobe patched both critical and important vulnerabilities in Acrobat and Reader this Patch Tuesday. This affects both Windows and Mac OS versions.

If you’re not getting prompted to update, go to Help and then Check for Updates.

Android Updates

February 5th Google released their February updates. Google patched one critical and many high severity vulnerabilities. More details in the Android Security Bulletin.

Google also finally fixed problems caused by their January update. The January update broke the Google Play system and locked users out of storage. More details here.

Apple refreshes iCloud for Windows app

Apple released a new version of the iCloud app for Windows, Apple Music and Apple Devices app.

You can access the new apps from the Microsoft Store. Installing the new iCloud app took a long time and of course it wants me to install more junk to run. Unless you need to synch with Outlook or want your iPhone pictures dumped onto your computer, I recommend sticking with the web interface.

Microsoft Updates

Microsoft squashed 73 security problems this Patch Tuesday February 2024. What most Windows users will get is two patches, one for .NET problems, one Windows operating system and an Office update that runs in the background.

Hackers are actively exploiting two of the security problems so don’t dawdle installing the Windows updates. More details on most of the Patch Tuesday updates here.

An ounce of patching is cheaper than a pound of hacking.