Take The Force With You
Take The Force With You: how do you charge your devices on the go? On the average work day, I carry or wear at least three devices I need for my business. That’s about average for office road warriors. It’s not uncommon that I end up out on the road at a client’s longer than… (0 comment)

Avoid The Monitor Blues
Recently chemists discovered how blue light from digital devices speeds blindness. How do you avoid the monitor blues? Avoid The Monitor Blues After I read the article from Physics.org about how blue light causes retinol to destroy photoreceptors in your eyes, I went hunting for a better monitor.  Too much blue light from digital devices… (0 comment)

Epson Small-In-One Printers
Epson Small-In-One Printers: great printer for the small where you don’t print lots of pages but lots of pretty. What is a Small-In-One? Epson’s Small-In-Ones are compact inkjet printers. What makes it compact is the control panel and the output tray flip out when you print. When not printing, the printer is a perfect tight… (0 comment)

Logitech Z623 speakers review
Logitech Z623 speakers: best boom for buck. I decluttered my stereo years ago.  I was listening to music while working at my computer more and I have a small apartment. So I invested in really good computer 2.1 speakers and a great sound card. Much cheaper than a stereo and takes up less space. 2.1… (0 comment)

Buying a new smartphone for business
Buying a new smartphone for your business? Confused by all the options and the hype? What’s the best bang for your business buck? Don’t rely on Facebook advice or your kids to make this decision. Consider before you buy What should you consider before you buy? Before I got my new phone in December I… (0 comment)

Seven Steps to Spring Clean Your Computer
It’s time to Spring Clean Your Computer! These instructions apply to both Mac and Windows. What do you need to this? Micro fiber cloth Duster Can Screen Cleaner An hour or so of your time Seven Steps to Spring Clean Your Computer 1. Turn off the computer 2. Use the duster can (you can purchase… (0 comment)

The router of good intentions: that small box with blinking lights, the mystical source of wifi and network connectivity and it can lead your business on the road to h#ll. Most small offices have them. I frequently find Dlink, Linksys, Netgear routers in offices and most of them have worked hard for my clients but…… (0 comment)