Fitbit Versa Review
My old smart fitness watch was dying: weak battery life and erratic step counting. It started going berserk on stair counting when I walked up an escalator. It stopped synching via BlueTooth with my iPhone after an iOS update. Time to get something new. Fitbit Versa Review I didn’t want to spend more than $300… (0 comment)

Pump your health data
Pump your health data: you collect all that health data via smart devices, how can you use it? Pump your health data I was at my weekly business networking meeting and my personal insurance guy started talking about how Manulife Canada will start using your fitness data with a Vitality plan in 2017 to lower… (0 comment)

Recently I’ve received questions from clients about those high tech fitness bands so I decided to get a Fitbit Charge to try it out. What are these fitness bands? Fitness bands are wearable technology that measure different types of exercise and synchronize the data with various devices. Types of things they measure include steps, stairs,… (2 comments)