We’ve all seen the lovely Windows 8 commercial with Lenka singing and prancing to her song Everything At Once. I love the song and I love the irony of using it to promote Windows 8. The problem with Windows 8 is just that, it is trying to be everything at once, both a desktop operating… (0 comment)

I was forced kicking and screaming to finally update my Quickbooks when moved to Windows 8. I had been using Quickbooks Pro 2009 which I had coaxed into working on Windows 7 with a registry hack but it was time to give in as I couldn’t get the invoice PDF conversion to work. Installation took… (0 comment)

Amongst all the other Apple toys released in the last two months (iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad nano and Touch among others) came the new Earpods, the first redesign of iPod/iPhone headphones from the folks at Cupertino. And just in time for Christmas. Definitely these headphones are a nice stocking stuffer price ranging from $34.99… (0 comment)

You’re sitting in your office tackling the latest emails when the phone rings and some bright voice promises you an SEO miracle for your business web site. Be on guard. While Search Engine Optimization is a legitimate business and useful for a web site, there is a new phone SEO scam going around and it… (0 comment)

The dust is still settling after the GoDaddy GoGone snafu on Monday for thousands of businesses whose web sites went dark for about 6 hours. Who or what caused the problem? Right now, GoDaddy is saying that they were not hacked and that the problem was caused by corrupted router tables that broke their DNS.… (0 comment)

What’s a new version of Windows without a new version of Office? Windows 8 is coming out this fall and Microsoft is following it with a new incarnation of Office specifically designed for tablets and Windows 8. What does it mean for business? As usual, Microsoft will change their licensing for Office again and again… (0 comment)

It seems like every day another web site wants you to create a user name and password, then it’s your bank or credit union, your credit card company, your phones, how do you create a strong password for all of those accounts? And yes, you need a different password for each account in case one… (0 comment)