Patch Tuesday January 2021
Patch Tuesday January 2021: an ounce of patching is cheaper than a pound of hacking. Apple Bytes Apple rushed out a security update for iOS 14 on the 26th. The update patches a security flaw being used by hackers to gain control of iDevices via Safari. Patch now. More details here. No other major Apple… (0 comment)

Flash in the bin
Flash in the bin: Adobe Flash reached it’s end of life December 31st 2020, here’s what you need to know. Hacker Flash Hackers are already using confusion around Flash and Flash Player to exploit folks. So far I’ve seen fake emails with scary instructions on removing Flash and also malicious web popups. Uninstall Flash Microsoft… (0 comment)

Patch Tuesday September 2020
Patch Tuesday September 2020: all the patch news to secure and speed up your business computing. Patch to Speed Up Those annoying update now notifications are not just about security. Just this week I was working with a client whose computer had been getting slower and slower. The fix was to update her iPhone, her… (0 comment)

How to fix your emails getting labelled as spam
You’re sending important emails to clients and they’re not receiving them or they’re going into spam. How to fix your emails getting labelled as spam First you have to figure out why your emails are getting labelled as spam. In response to all the real spam, companies like Microsoft and Google look at where the… (0 comment)

Office 365 Advanced Spam Management
Microsoft is pretty good at spam management in Office 365 but some times you need to use the Advanced Spam management tools. One of those spammy days It was one of those spammy days for a client recently. Everyone in the office received the same spam email for hours on end. The client didn’t contact… (0 comment)

Patch Tuesday August 2020
Patch Tuesday August 2020: monthly roundup of patches you need for your small business. Software breaks when you don’t keep it up to date. Apple Bytes Apple released updates for all its iDevices and Mac OS X Catalina, Mojave and Sierra this month. If you need your iPhone to communicate with your computer you need… (0 comment)

Patch Tuesday June 2020
Patch Tuesday June 2020: patches to the Nth degree for your small business this month. Nvidia Got an Nvidia graphics card in your desktop or laptop? Nvidia graphics cards are popular with gamers, graphic designers and other creatives. Nvidia just released patches that fix 12 different security problems with their drivers. Sometime you will get… (0 comment)

2020 Year of the Viral Scam
2020 Year of the Viral Scam: this year will be remembered for many things, in the tech world it will be remembered as the year of the viral scam. 2020 Year of the Viral Scam From start to April 30 Canadians have reported 18803 fraud cases. The total for 2019 was 46,317 so we’re averaging… (0 comment)

Telus moves consumer emails to Gmail
Telus moves consumer emails to Gmail without thinking about the consumers. Do you have an email account? This affects you. Do you have an account? If you have a personal email account through Telus you will receive an email advising you about the migration. How I found out about this was a client… (2 comments)

Patch Tuesday May 2020
Patch Tuesday May 2020: all the may security flowers you need for your small business. Apple Bytes Apple released iOS 13.5 May 20th. Besides security fixes, Apple also added a feature that makes it easier to unlock your phone when wearing a mask. I’ve tested this and it does help. Apple also added their notification… (0 comment)