Indistractable by tech
Indistractable, Nir Eyal’s new book focuses on your focus and how not to get distracted from your goals. Tech Distractions I get clients asking me frequently about how to turn off notifications on their devices. Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are begging for your attention all the time. Smartphones are the worst for distractions.… (0 comment)

Patch Tuesday November 2019
Patch Tuesday November 2019: all the security news you need this month for your small business computing. iPhone Updates After iOS 13 was released, some iPhone users experienced problems with their Mail app not showing conversations, or attachments or other weirdness. Apple released an update November 18th to address this problem. Besides fixing the Mail… (0 comment)

Secure your holiday online shopping
‘Tis the season for online scams, you need to secure your holiday online shopping. Put a lock on it Before you purchase from any website, make sure there’s a lock on it. The lock means the seller has made some effort to encrypt the transaction protecting your credit card and personal details.If you have to… (0 comment)

Madwoman in the tech attic
What follows is a true tale of tech terror. Late afternoon I received a call from the manager of The _____ Mansions. “We are having horrible problems with the guest wifi on the top floors of the building. The guests are complaining continuously. “ “We’re even getting negative reviews on Google about it. One of… (0 comment)

Patch Tuesday October 2019
Patch Tuesday October 2019: all the chilling tech security news you need for your small business this month. Patch Tuesday October 2019 What is Patch Tuesday? The second Tuesday of the month a lot of tech vendors like Microsoft release their security patches. Apple also releases monthly patches but the dates vary. You need these… (0 comment)

Patch Tuesday September 2019
Patch Tuesday September 2019: the last days of summer bring lots of security updates for your business. Patch Tuesday September 2019 This month brought extra harvests of patches from Apple, Adobe and Microsoft. If you feel like you’re getting extra update notices recently, you’re not dreaming. Apple had the most interesting updates this month. Apple… (0 comment)

iOS 13 review
iOS 13 review: Apple just released a major upgrade for iPhones and yes, you should update. Going Dark The biggest visual change is the Dark Mode option. I should say Dark Mode options. Besides having a permanent dark mode option you can also set it to turn on at specific times like in the evening… (0 comment)

Cyber insurance for your business
Cyber insurance for your business: do you need it? Cyber insurance for your business About once a month now I get asked by a client what is cyber insurance and do they need it? Sometimes I advise a client they should look into it. Why? What is cyber insurance? Cyberinsurance is a type of insurance… (0 comment)

Patch Tuesday July 2019
Patch Tuesday July 2019: all the smoking hot security patches your small business needs this month. This month’s extra sizzle is in security updates for mobile and networking devices. Apple Bytes Apple released a security update to their AirPort base stations firmware. Yes, networking devices need security updates too. This update also affects Airport Time… (0 comment)

Ransomware Rampages
Ransomware Rampages: seems like every week there’s another municipality or company making headlines for being ransomware victims. Why so many? How? Ransomware Review What is ransomware? It’s a type of malware that encrypts files on computers. The ransomware generates a key to decrypt the files that the victim has to pay to get. Ransomware can… (0 comment)