Tech Inferno
This curious document was recovered in bits and bytes from a battered hard drive from an abandoned computer. I have cobbled together the fragments into a narrative though much has been lost. Tech Inferno ”Midway upon the journey of our life I found myself within a forest dark, for the straightforward pathway had been lost.… (0 comment)

Patch Tuesday October 2022
Patch Tuesday October 2022: an ounce of patching is cheaper than a pound of hacking. Security update news for your small business. Adobe Acrobat Agony Adobe released critical security updates for Acrobat and Reader (for both Windows and Mac). Hackers are already exploiting the vulnerabilities Adobe just patched. With a security update for Acrobat there… (0 comment)

Moving your office?
Moving your office? Have you thought about how you move your technology? Moving your office? Desks. Filing cabinets. Phones. Meeting room table and chairs. There’s a lot to plan in any office move. Have you thought about how you’re moving your technology? I helped a client with their office move this summer. We started planning… (0 comment)

iOS 16: some great features for small business owners
iOS 16: some great features for small business owners. Apple releases iOS 16 Apple released the latest iOS version September 12th. Lots of new features. I want to focus on some of the ones business owners will find useful. Edit and delete text messages Yes, finally, you can edit and even delete sent text messages… (0 comment)

Telus credit card charge outrage
Telus credit card charge outrage: let’s make the future more expensive. Telus credit card charge outrage In August Telus announced they have requested the CRTC allow them to charge consumers 1.5% for using credit cards to pay. If your Telus bill is $100 and you use a credit card to pay, Telus will tack on… (0 comment)

Patch Tuesday September 2022
Patch Tuesday September 2022: lots of security update labour for your small business this month. Be sure to back up your devices before updating. Apple Bytes Last week Apple released iOS 16 for newer phones and 15.7 for older phones. Today (September 13th) Apple patched two zero day vulnerabilities for affecting most MacOS and iOS… (0 comment)

Rogers Outage
Rogers Outage: early July 8th Rogers is suffering a massive outage. This outage affects mobile phones, internet, ATM machines, 911 service in various regions, government services and the list goes on. Rogers has about 9 million wireless customers and over 3 million cable internet customers. The Rogers outage has put a serious strain on all… (0 comment)

Apple News Roundup June 2022
Apple News Roundup June 2022: a product launch event, important end of life announcement, and charger news from the EU. Apple News Roundup June 2022 Lots of Apple Bytes this month. Apple launched several new products at their developer event June. There’s a handsome new 13 inch MacBook Pro with the new M2 processor that… (0 comment)

Battery fire season
Battery fire season: Vancouver fire officials warn of a spike of lithium ion battery fires. What are the warning signs? How do you avoid battery fire season? Battery Fire Season So far this year overcharging lithium ion battery fires caused five deaths in Vancouver according to the Vancouver Fire and Rescue Service. From 2016 to… (0 comment)

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