The Haunting of Workstation 16
I,  Sarah Millin, longtime IT consultant, retell the strange events that occurred which I call the haunting of workstation 16. I have changed only the name of my client to preserve their privacy. On a late October afternoon, I was called to one of my client’s offices. This client, normally calm, was clearly agitated and… (0 comment)

Patch Tuesday October 2018
Patch Tuesday October 2018: all the security news you need for your small business computing. Microsoft Updates Microsoft released fixes for 49 security flaws across all it’s products including 12 flaws listed a critical. Microsoft patched all version of Office, yes that includes Mac versions. There were also updates for Edge, Windows 10, 8 and… (0 comment)

Click Here To Kill Everybody Book Review
Click Here To Kill Everybody Book Review: even the author Bruce Schneier admits the title is clickbait. Is all our technology so interconnected that someone could click here to kill everybody? Schneier opens his book with three scenarios of how technology could kill. Hackers could remotely disable car brakes, take over steering and even turn… (0 comment)

Whoosh! Screen Cleaner Review
One of the biggest complaints I hear from clients is how dirty their screens get. And how quickly given we touch screens all the time. I get asked what is the safest way to clean the screen (be it mobile, wearable tech, desktop or laptop). Most window cleaning products contain ammonium which etches the screen… (0 comment)

Windows 10 Fall Update 2018
Windows 10 Fall Update 2018: every 6 months Microsoft releases a major update to Windows 10. Normally the new versions show up in April and October. What’s in the Windows 10 Fall Update 2018? Microsoft added Night Mode for folks who are bright sensitive some time ago but this version of Windows 10 features a… (0 comment)

Hacked or Scraped?
Regularly I find someone saying “I’ve been hacked” and when I get more details it turns out they’ve been scraped. What’s the difference? Hacked or Scraped? Today on Facebook a friend posted “I’ve been hacked. Don’t accept friend requests from me”. In this case, a hacker has scraped her photo and personal details to create… (0 comment)

Fitbit Versa Review
My old smart fitness watch was dying: weak battery life and erratic step counting. It started going berserk on stair counting when I walked up an escalator. It stopped synching via BlueTooth with my iPhone after an iOS update. Time to get something new. Fitbit Versa Review I didn’t want to spend more than $300… (0 comment)

Patch Tuesday September 2018
Patch Tuesday September 2018: all the monthly security update news you need for your small business. Apple Updates Apple held their annual new product show last week. At the same time Apple announced all the software and operating system updates coming out and their release dates. The latest version of iThingy (iPhone, iPad) software, iOS… (0 comment)

Take The Force With You
Take The Force With You: how do you charge your devices on the go? On the average work day, I carry or wear at least three devices I need for my business. That’s about average for office road warriors. It’s not uncommon that I end up out on the road at a client’s longer than… (0 comment)

Avoid The Monitor Blues
Recently chemists discovered how blue light from digital devices speeds blindness. How do you avoid the monitor blues? Avoid The Monitor Blues After I read the article from about how blue light causes retinol to destroy photoreceptors in your eyes, I went hunting for a better monitor.  Too much blue light from digital devices… (0 comment)

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