Patch Tuesday March 2022
Patch Tuesday March 2022: computer security marches on for your small business. Apple Bytes Apple released iOS 15.4 March 15th. If you have an iPhone 12 or higher this version includes a feature for facial ID to work even if you’re wearing mask. Apple also released mac OS 12.3 Monterey and updates for Watch and… (0 comment)

Stir/Shaken Your Business Calls
Stir/Shaken: how do the new stir/shaken phone call regulations affect your business? What is Stir/Shaken? Stir/Shake is a way of verifying phone calls are legitimate. The network carrier (Telus/Rogers/Shaw) use technology to verify a number is from a real business or person. For example, Joe’s Widgets calls you from 604-555-1234. Their carrier verifies the business… (0 comment)

Cyber Risk Insurance Costs
Cyber Risk Insurance Costs: your small business cyber insurance costs will be going up and there will be more exclusions. Here’s what you need to know. Cyber risk insurance costs According to an article in the Insurance Journal, small businesses will see increases of 10-15% and 20% to 30% hikes for larger businesses even with… (0 comment)

Patch Tuesday February 2022
Patch Tuesday February 2022: February flowers bring security showers for your small business. Patch Tuesday February 2022 February has turned into a light month for software patches after a busy January. All the usual suspects have security patches and unlike last month (particularly Microsoft patches) none of the patches are causing problems for users. With… (0 comment)

Patch Tuesday December 2021
Patch Tuesday December 2021: evergreen security updates and advice for your small business. Why update? Besides security, more and more software vendors are refusing to patch or support older versions of software. This means your software will stop working or parts of the software will stop working. Apple Bytes Apple released a ton of security… (0 comment)

Disaster Recovery 2021
Disaster Recovery 2021: in the past 6 months we’ve seen heat domes, raging fires, a massive Facebook faceplant, water spouts and now floods. How do you prepare your business for disaster recovery? The last time I wrote about disaster recovery was after a wind storm. We’re now facing more frequent weather disruptions. Like a lot… (0 comment)

Patch Tuesday November 2021
Patch Tuesday November 2021: a flood of computer security updates for your small business. Why Patch? An ounce of patching is cheaper than a pound of hacking. Yes, sometimes patches cause problems with existing software and settings. But the cost and disruption of hacking or broken software is much higher. Occasionally I get Mac clients… (0 comment)

Just say NO to Windows 11
Just say NO to Windows 11. You might have received a message from Microsoft that your laptop can install Windows 11. Or you ran the PC Healthcheck. First reason to say No It’s still really buggy. The most recent version of Windows 11 breaks Intel sound cards. One version was shipped with expired certificates which… (0 comment)

Patch Tuesday Microsoft 365 edition
Patch Tuesday Microsoft 365 edition: all the latest Office software update news you need for your small business. Patch Tuesday Normally I cover a range of vendors for the monthly Patch Tuesday news. This month I want to focus on several important Microsoft aka Office 365 updates that are already impacting businesses. End Of Life… (0 comment)