You’re sitting in your office tackling the latest emails when the phone rings and some bright voice promises you an SEO miracle for your business web site. Be on guard. While Search Engine Optimization is a legitimate business and useful for a web site, there is a new phone SEO scam going around and it… (0 comment)

The dust is still settling after the GoDaddy GoGone snafu on Monday for thousands of businesses whose web sites went dark for about 6 hours. Who or what caused the problem? Right now, GoDaddy is saying that they were not hacked and that the problem was caused by corrupted router tables that broke their DNS.… (0 comment)

What’s a new version of Windows without a new version of Office? Windows 8 is coming out this fall and Microsoft is following it with a new incarnation of Office specifically designed for tablets and Windows 8. What does it mean for business? As usual, Microsoft will change their licensing for Office again and again… (0 comment)

It seems like every day another web site wants you to create a user name and password, then it’s your bank or credit union, your credit card company, your phones, how do you create a strong password for all of those accounts? And yes, you need a different password for each account in case one… (0 comment)

It’s a malware jungle out there on the Internet surf. So how do you keep your company computers from getting wiped out? Most of the time keeping your corporate assets patched will protect you. Patch not just the operating system but also Adobe Flash, Java and Adobe Reader in that order. Flash and Java are… (0 comment)

Bing!  You’ve Got Mail…. way too much of it.  And like many people we can get overwhelmed with the thought of our virtual piles and the lack of time we have to manage our electronic hoard of information and tasks to do. Processing is not doing. Nor is it about opening and closing the same… (0 comment)

SkyDrive for cloud storage
In the first season of the Hawaii 5-0 reboot, there’s an episode where McGarrett tells Danny to take a picture of a clue and Danny replies “I’ve just sent it to the SkyDrive”. So what is this SkyDrive thing? Microsoft’s answer to Dropbox and other cloud storage services. With SkyDrive you get 7GB of free… (0 comment)

Since the mac Flashback Trojan and other security breaches, lots of folks wonder what is this Java? Usually IT security people are referring to Javascript which is used extensively on web sites. Some examples include: animation of web page elements such as fading them in or out, playing audio or video, web forms (forcing you… (0 comment)

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