Avoid Website Woes

avoid website woesAvoid website woes: the worst call a small business owner can get is telling them their web site has been hacked and the host has shut it down.

And then the hosting company tries to sell you a really expensive and confusing solution.

This happened recently to a client of mine. Luckily they contacted me and I was able to get them a better website cleanup option (and cheaper).

Website Woes

Most small business owners I know did not go into business because they love managing their business web site. It’s even more foreign than the workings of computers and smartphones for the average business owner.

And there are a lot of shysters out there selling website design, website updates, website hosting and website cleanup. And folks who think they can learn all about website management from a three day course from some guru who took a week long course. Recently I had a client who was being charged $500 a year for website maintenance and when I logged into her WordPress dashboard it was clear the guy hadn’t done any maintenance in months.

And all too frequently I find business owners who do not know how to manage their website for security or even simple updates.

Your business website is at the minimum your online business brochure at best your online super charged sales funnel. You need to take care of it.

Avoid Website Woes

How do you avoid business website woes?

Here’s a list:

  • Know who your webhost is
  • know who your domain registrar is and when your domain gets renewed
  • record your login details with the webhost
  • record your control panel details (not necessarily the same as your webhost id)
  • Get your wordpress admin user name and password from your web designer
  • Update your website monthly (plugins, themes, WordPress core)
  • Backup your website monthly (VaultPress and BackupBuddy)
  • get a trusted technology advisor

Don’t be left staring at your website in despair.

website woes