How to force Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 Creators UpdateHow to force Windows 10 Creator Update: it’s coming April 11. And you want to force this update to fit your schedule.


This major Windows operating system update takes about an hour to install. Then there’s you’re learning time. You have a busy business and you don’t want this happening during working hours.

How to force

Go to this link Download Windows 10 and install the upgrade assistant (takes about a minute). Then run the update. That takes about 20 minutes. After that you can let it reboot the system for you (handy feature if you want run the update overnight) or you can force it.

Windows 10 Creators Update

Rebooting and Rebooting

Most of the pain occurs on the reboot. When I ran the update on my desktop, it required three reboots and just under an hour for the installation to finish.

Your installation time may be shorter or longer depending on your hardware, disk space and software.

You definitely don’t want this happening during business hours,

Windows 10 Creators Update

Unless you’re using 3D software (or a gamer) you’re not going to see major improvements in the operating system.

Most notable changes are better security and functionality in the Edge browser (which most folks don’t use and it resets your home page without asking) and Windows Defender.

Best change is that after installing the Windows 10 Creator update, you will now have the option to pause updates. Just this week I was at meeting where the presenter’s laptop insisted on installing updates just as he was getting ready to speak. Ouch!

Don’t let Windows 10 Creators Update ruin your work day next week. Force the install now.

Windows 10 Creators Update pause