How to force Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 Creators UpdateHow to force Windows 10 Creator Update: it’s coming April 11. And you want to force this update to fit your schedule.


This major Windows operating system update takes about an hour to install. Then there’s you’re learning time. You have a busy business and you don’t want this happening during working hours.

How to force

Go to this link Download Windows 10 and install the upgrade assistant (takes about a minute). Then run the update. That takes about 20 minutes. After that you can let it reboot the system for you (handy feature if you want run the update overnight) or you can force it.

Windows 10 Creators Update

Rebooting and Rebooting

Most of the pain occurs on the reboot. When I ran the update on my desktop, it required three reboots and just under an hour for the installation to finish.

Your installation time may be shorter or longer depending on your hardware, disk space and software.

You definitely don’t want this happening during business hours,

Windows 10 Creators Update

Unless you’re using 3D software (or a gamer) you’re not going to see major improvements in the operating system.

Most notable changes are better security and functionality in the Edge browser (which most folks don’t use and it resets your home page without asking) and Windows Defender.

Best change is that after installing the Windows 10 Creator update, you will now have the option to pause updates. Just this week I was at meeting where the presenter’s laptop insisted on installing updates just as he was getting ready to speak. Ouch!

Don’t let Windows 10 Creators Update ruin your work day next week. Force the install now.

Windows 10 Creators Update pause

Patch Tuesday September 2016

Patch Tuesday September 2016Patch Tuesday September 2016: most of your technology needs patching and updating today!

Patch Tuesday Harvest

Adobe, Android, Apple and Microsoft all released critical patches and updates today. Hard to choose which is more critical. I recommend you update Windows, Android devices and then Adobe products based on the number of vulnerabilities patched.  But don’t forget your Apple harvest.

Microsoft Updates

Windows, everything from Windows Vista to the most recent Windows 10 and server products, requires 14 patches most of them critical. You will have to restart your computer after update.

Breakdown details here.

Android Agony

Google released 47 patches for 57 Android flaws. Most of the patches fix malware and privacy problems.

Complete technical breakdown on the Android patches here.

Hot Flash

Adobe released a security patch for our monthly favourite hot Flash.

Also there’s an update for Adobe Digital Editions (Adobe’s ebook reader).

As Flash is a favourite with hackers, you need to update it quickly.

Apple Harvest

Apple released a patch earlier this month for OS X and Safari that blocks the Pegasus spyware. This in addition to patches released last month for iOS products to block the same spyware. Details here.

September 13th Apple released iOS 10. Initially some iPhones were bricked by this update but the problem has been fixed.

Details on the iOS 10 features here.

Also, if you’re running an iPhone 5  or iPhone 5c and you’re worried about how iOS 10 will run on older hardware, it’s been tested. See this review here.

I know September is a busy month for most business owners but do make time to patch.

Patch Tuesday August 2016

Patch Tuesday August 2016Patch Tuesday August 2016: it’s a summer harvest of security updates for everyone.


I frequently talk about updating the WordPress core and plugins but when did you last update your theme? Updating the theme for security can sometimes break features on your web site (talk to your web designer).

However theme security is very important. Wordfence released a blog on which themes are hacker favourites.

If you’re using Genesis on your web site, it received an update (see screenshot above) as well as some of it’s child themes.

All the usual plugins (Yoast SEO, security plugins and JetPack) received updates in the past few weeks as well.

Java Jive

Oracle released a new Java version last month. Yes, you need to update Java as it is still required by some web sites to function.

A client asked me yesterday how often Java needs to be updated. Oracle releases Java updates every three months unless there is a significant security update they need to push out.


Apple released updates for iOS (all your iThingys), iTunes and some OS X updates as well.

It’s not just about security but also functionality. Yesterday I had a client where we couldn’t install the print app for her new printer because her iPad was so out of date.

Polish up your Apples with some updates this month.


Nine updates yesterday covering all Windows and Office products.

There was also a big Windows 10 update that caused problems for some computers. Avast antivirus decided it didn’t like the updates.

Also, increasingly I am getting calls from clients about Office software problems usually right after Office patches have been installed. Here’s a video on how to repair your Office installation.

Be sure to spend some time this week updating your web site and devices. An ounce of patching is cheaper than a pound of hacking.

Repair Office

Patch Tuesday June 2016

Patch TuesdayPatch Tuesday June 2016: lots of Flashy updates this month for your small business.

Adobe Flash

Just uninstall Adobe Flash if you don’t need it. To find out if you need it, uninstall it. See what web sites you use are now broken.

There is one update for Flash today. But wait, there’s more.

There is a critical flaw even in the newest version that is being exploited by hackers. Adobe expects to release yet another patch on June 16th.

Adobe also released a security patch for Creative Cloud Desktop, both Mac and Windows version.

Android Agony

Google continues to release security updates for Android and the manufacturers and the telcos still can’t be bothered to push the patches out to people’s devices. Given that there are lots of Android hacks out there, this is borderline criminal. There’s even ransomware for Android based smart TVs now.

Samsung did release an update for the Galaxy 5 with promises that updates for Galaxy 6 are close behind.

Office and other Microsoft patches

Microsoft released updates for all version of Office (yes, this mean Mac versions too) today.

And five critical patches for Windows, Internet Explorer and the new Edge browser that comes with Windows 10.

Your Windows computer will restart at least once with this bundle of update joy.


The WordPress core remains at version 4.5.2. But lots of updates for popular plugins.

Plugins recently updated:

  • Akismet spam filter
  • Jetpack
  • WooCommerce
  • Yoast SEO
  • Backup Buddy
  • Yoast SEO
  • Quiz and Survey Master.

Be sure to log in to your WordPress site and check for updates at least once a month.

Apple bites

Apple announced iOS 10 at it’s annual developer conference on the 13th. Lots of groovy features but not all iThingys are supported. Notably iPhone 4 will not be eligible for the upgrade.

Rumour is the iOS 10 will be available in the fall.

More iOS 10 and other announcements from the conference here.


Patch Tuesday June 2015

Patch Tuesday

Patch Tuesday June 2015: quiet month for security updates. Just what we needed after all the updates last month.

Microsoft News

Only eight patches released today, six of which will affect all versions of Windows and Office. Yes, you will need to restart your computer after installation. Expect network and computer slowdowns while these updates download and install.

Windows 10 Free Upgrade

No, you haven’t been hacked. That Windows icon in the task tray is for for real. You can get Windows 10 as a free upgrade. More details in my Windows 10 blog.


Very quiet month for WordPress after two core updates last month and the corresponding rush of plugin updates. Just some updates for the Akismet spam plugin, Wordfence, Gravity Forms and BackupBuddy.


Big updates coming to all iThingys in the fall. Apple announced the new version of OS X, El Capitan, will be released in the fall and iOS9 arrives then as well. More details here.

Hot Flash

When will Adobe put Flash out of its security misery? Adobe should be embarrassed that Flash shows up on the security update list every month. It’s one little piece of software. You expect complex software like operating systems (Microsoft and Apple) to have problems but one little web dohickey?

Yes, Flash for Windows, Mac and Linux yet again needs security updates this month.

Most businesses get hacked from running out of date software. Patch now.


Patch Tuesday May 2015

Patch Tuesday

Patch Tuesday May 2015: April showers bring lots May security patches for all your devices.

Bite of the Apple

Apple released patches to fix three web kit problems on Safari for OS X Mountain Lion, Maverick and Yosemite. The patches were released May 7th.

No word on whether these web kit security holes also affect the Safari browser on iPhones and iPads and other iThingys. More information here.

Adobe Reader

For the first time in ages the big Adobe security patch for the month is for Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat for both Windows and Mac. This affects versions 10 and 11.

And our monthly favourite, the Adobe Hot Flash is back again with a critical update. I just can’t wait for Adobe to either improve this product or for someone else to replace it with something more secure out of the gate.


Executives at Microsoft keep trying to get rid of Patch Tuesday, first by trying to rebrand it as Update Tuesday and now they’re promising it will totally change with Windows 10.

As Windows 10 hasn’t been rolled out yet, I’m waiting to see what happens there.

In the mean time, Microsoft rolled out 13 security patches affecting Internet Explorer, Silverlight, Office and Windows.

Expect your PC computers to slow down and need rebooting while digesting this round of updates.


Tons of WordPress updates in the last month. First WordPress itself is now at version 4.2.2.

With that update, most of the popular plugins require security updates as well.

Find some time to update your web site or hire someone like me or your web designer to do it for you.

Patch Tuesday August 2014

Patch Tuesday

Patch Tuesday

It’s that marvelous time of the month again, Patch Tuesday. And there’s lots to patch.


If you’ve been wondering about why your pc keeps asking for Java (you know that little orange and white coffee symbol that keeps popping up and asking you if you want some company called Oracle to fix your coffee for you), there were two updates released. The second one was to fix some coding on web sites that the first update broke. Hackers love exploiting unpatched Java flaws so update your Java. If you are not sure how, see my blog and video here.

Time for a hot flash

What would Patch Tuesday be without a hot Flash. Another update for Adobe Flash was released today. But the most important update from Adobe today was for the ubiquitous Adobe Reader. Update this one pronto as the patch protects you from a flaw that hackers are actively exploiting at this time. In Reader, go to the Help menu and click Check for Updates.


WordPress released version 3.9.2 recently. Be sure to log in to your web site and update to the latest version. If you don’t know how, call me. Also two WordPress Plugins are being actively exploited by hackers, Constant Contact Forms and GMedia Gallery Plugin. Go to the Plugins menu to check if your site is using those plugins and update from there.

Update Tuesday

Microsoft announced last week they were renaming Patch Tuesday to Update Tuesday. Nice way of avoiding how many security patches their products require. The fine folks at Redmond released nine patches today correcting 37 bugs. Expect your pc to slow down while it downloads and installs all these patches and yes, you will need to reboot.

Remember:  patch now or be hacked shortly.