Patch Tuesday January 2017
Patch Tuesday January 2017: all the patch news you need for your business this month. Patch Tuesday January 2017 First some general news. CVE Details, a group that tracks most of the tech world vulnerabilities, released their 2016 list of top vulnerabilities. Android had the most security holes last year but by vendor, Adobe tops… (0 comment)

Patch Tuesday November 2016
Patch Tuesday November 2016: lots of security goodness for all your business devices! Apple bytes Apple released updates for most of their devices at the end of October as part of their new product rollout. Even the Apple Watch and Apple TV got updates. Most important were the security updates for OS X Sierra, El… (0 comment)

Patch Tuesday October 2016
Patch Tuesday October 2016: all the patch news you need this month for your business. Windows 10 Woes Among the 10 patches/bulletins released one week, one of them is a show stopper for Windows 10. As folks have been updating I am getting calls of dead or looping Windows 10 computers. It’s usually happening to… (0 comment)

Patch Tuesday September 2016
Patch Tuesday September 2016: most of your technology needs patching and updating today! Patch Tuesday Harvest Adobe, Android, Apple and Microsoft all released critical patches and updates today. Hard to choose which is more critical. I recommend you update Windows, Android devices and then Adobe products based on the number of vulnerabilities patched.  But don’t… (0 comment)

Patch Tuesday August 2016: it’s a summer harvest of security updates for everyone. WordPress I frequently talk about updating the WordPress core and plugins but when did you last update your theme? Updating the theme for security can sometimes break features on your web site (talk to your web designer). However theme security is very… (0 comment)

LinkedIn Breach
You should have received an email about the LinkedIn breach a few weeks ago. What does it mean? LinkedIn was hacked back in 2012 and user names and passwords were stolen. The hacker sat on this information for four years and then posted them online this May. LinkedIn forced a password reset for those users… (0 comment)

Patch Tuesday June 2016
Patch Tuesday June 2016: lots of Flashy updates this month for your small business. Adobe Flash Just uninstall Adobe Flash if you don’t need it. To find out if you need it, uninstall it. See what web sites you use are now broken. There is one update for Flash today. But wait, there’s more. There… (0 comment)

Patch Tuesday May 2016
Patch Tuesday May 2016: Flash and lots of sizzle. Already there are two zero day vulnerabilities, one for a Microsoft update and one for Flash. Patch Microsoft now and uninstall Flash if you can. Microsoft: More, more, more Microsoft wins the Patch Tuesday race this month with 7 critical and 9 important security updates. Patches… (0 comment)

Patch Tuesday April 2016
Patch Tuesday April 2016: April showers bring security yowlers. Microsoft sprouts Microsoft produced a lucky thirteen patches today. One of the patches only affects folks using the Hyper-V technology. Lots of patch action for everyone else. One of the patches affects all versions of Office including Office for Mac. Several updates for the browsers, both… (0 comment)